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Esse Cookers

The Esse Cooker department is now open at our Spennymoor showroom.  Choose an ESSE and you choose flavourful roasts cooked to perfection, beautifully-baked bread and the perfect piece of mouth-watering cheese on toast.

Each model has its own character, but the entire collection shares a reassuring level of quality that you can sense as soon as you open one of the hand-built, cast iron doors.  Precision hinges allow these heavy doors to swing effortlessly and ESSE’s ‘slam-shut’ handles are invaluable when you have your hands full with a bubbling hot, oven-cooked casserole.

Forget the soul-less ping of the microwave; ESSE range cookers make the simplest task a pleasure. Even heating a pan of soup is a rewarding experience as you slide the pan across the hotplate to find the perfect rolling boil or simmer.

Unlike many other range cookers, an ESSE will not exhaust its energy reserves – whatever culinary challenges you throw at it. Christmas dinner for 20 people? No problem. Don’t forget the pudding!

Your ESSE will continuously maintain its oven and hotplate temperatures and tirelessly work as hard as you in the kitchen. It’s no surprise then, that ESSE has become the brand of choice for the talented team at River Cottage.The HQ in Devon features an iconic Ironheart along with a flueless CAT gas range cooker, both of which are seen regularly on the popular show. Head Chef Gill Meller also uses a ESSE cookers at home and you can see him cooking on his ESSEs by visiting the recipe section.

ESSE has also worked with a number of Michelin-starred Chefs and respected Restauranteurs to perfect their range cooker collection. Most importantly, feedback from their customers has played a great part in how their product range has developed.

Whichever range cooker you choose, in whichever fuel type, ESSE cookers have been designed to perform flawlessly for generations. Get to know your range cooker and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of delicious dishes. As well as offering superior style and cooking that’s a cut above, many ESSE range cooker models are also available with central heating and hot water. 

Choose from 24 different colours and four different fuel types to find the ESSE that will last you a lifetime